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Springfield in review 4/7 - 4/11

On Wed 4/09 the 3rd amendment was approved by committee and today 4/10 the senate Poker Run bill, SB3312 passed the Senate floor 53 YEAS - 2 NAYS with 4 NV (not being there to vote). The 2 NAYS ARE friends of ABATE but they just have this thing about gambling, which is fine. Everyone has opinions on different subjects and this was theirs.
We didn't need their votes. If we did it would have been a different story and we would have gotten with them for more discussion over the issue. Now it goes to the House for approval. the only problem is they cancelled Fri the 11th and are out of session the following 2 weeks for spring/Easter break so they don't go back till April 29th and that pushes us back even farther than we need to be. Much is beyond our control.

HB4223 the other Poker Run bill is still in assignments and SB3290 The bill to amend language in the Premises Liability Act and SB2633 the OHV Tax Stamp bill we negotiated some changes in are all still in the same place where they have been for a while.
Its been a long tiring process this year but we will succeed in our bills

Our team in Washington D.C. I am told has been having some success with some congressman on the Ethanol Bill H.R. 875 and maybe with some of the other bills. We will learn more at the B.O.D. when R. O. gives us a report. I hope to see a lot of you at the April 19th meeting.



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2014 Legislative Agenda

ABATE of Illinois is dedicated to preserving the rights of all motorcyclists - and ATV riders. We encourage riders to become involved in the legislative and political processes by joining ABATE, registering to vote, contacting legislators, working campaigns, and contributing to our Political Action Committees.

In addition to our extensive grass roots efforts ABATE of Illinois retains the services of a professional lobbying firm. If the state legislature is in session you can bet we've got someone there looking out for your rights.

It doesn't stop there, at least once a year ABATE of Illinois sends a team of volunteers to Washington DC to meet with and lobby our members of Congress. ABATE of Illinois often partners with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation on issues of national concern.

Sometimes threats to, or opportunities for motorcycling come without the benefit or encumbrance of the legislative process. With this in mind ABATE of Illinois strives to develop relationships with various agency officials and takes part in related programs whenever possible and beneficial.

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Safety and Education

ABATE of Illinois urges all motorcyclists to ride responsibly and take an accredited rider training course.

We support the education of motorcyclists and the general motoring public as the most effective method of reducing accidents, injuries and fatalities.

ABATE of Illinois' Motorcycle Awareness Program was developed with the new and inexperienced driver in mind, and teaches them how to look for, and interact in traffic with motorcycles.

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This program was created to save motorcyclists lives by reporting hazardous road conditions to the agencies responsible for their upkeep.


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American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)


Locations that sell ethanol free fuel


The Illinois Cycle Rider Training Program

ABATE of Illinois urges all motorcyclists to ride responsibly and take an accredited rider training course.
Illinois Cycle Rider Training Courses are made possible with funding provided from a portion of Illinois motorcycle registration and driver's license fees.

Additional Information

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Ride Smart Info

ABATE of Illinois' Motorcycle Awareness Program


The "Ride Smart" program was developed in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Transportation. A.B.A.T.E. asked IDOT to work with us to get to the root cause(s) of the motorcycle crashes.

The presentation incorporates all of the root causes and discusses them in detail. The program reviews many positive riding choices to help the motorcyclist be better prepared for their next ride.

A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois is offering at no cost to any organization in Illinois a "Ride Smart" presentation.
More About This Program
Includes full presentation video

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For more info contact:

Mike Myers
Cell: 815-621-7184




22014 Awareness Rally
May 4th 2014
Springfield, IL



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Downloads - forms, handouts, posters, etc. - everything the active ABATE member needs to help fulfill our mission.

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